Tail Waggin' Testimonials


I am so glad I found your website! The De-bugged has worked for both Harlow (my great dane) and I. I am ordering these new ones for my Mom and sisters dogs!!! Can’t wait to give them to them..it seems to work so far and the aroma is awesome. I have never worn perfume but I cant get enough of these aromas!! Thanks again for your great work and I am so glad I found you guys!!! 🙂 



Thank you, the Let's Chill... helps my dog (8 yr old pitbull) with thunderstorms. I love it!!



Bought the heart shaped pendant diffuser from you yesterday at the Natural Pet Expo, along with Lavender oil...and it's wonderful! I placed in my bedroom where my kitty spends a majority of her time. Yesterday I was not very aware of the scent, but today it smells like a wonderful spa in there. I can also tell the kitty is reacting positively today. She's very much 'on her toes' and I have found her just sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor like she's relaxed and enjoying the beautiful scent experience. Wow! So, needless to say, I shall be purchasing more of these to go around the house. They are multipurpose and I love the subtle scent, not overpowering. Thanks again!!



Hi! I'm back again!! 

With a new, wonderful, amazing testimonial for you too! Last time I ordered, I ordered the Collar Companion for our son's bulldog. Molly is 5yrs old & when she'd get bored, she'd stand in front of you & just bark crazily. If you told her to be quiet, she'd run in circles and barking louder and quicker.

Believe it or not, she isn't doing this any longer since using your Let’s Chill... product!! She's done this since she was about a year old and our son is shocked that this simple product worked!!!

We recently had company and everyone was commenting on how much calmer Molly was too; no jumping, just chillin!!!

I wish you continued success with your business!!!


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Let's Chill works for our dog, Max. We had rescued a 1 yr old, yellow lab in Oct of 2011. He was the perfect companion in every way, until we left the house. We never knew what we'd come home to. He jumped our fence 3 times (which dogs much bigger than him had ever done in 10 years), he got out of his crate (despite zip tying the ends down - the last time his nose was scraped & bloodied, I figured he'd had a traumatic experience in one and I decided not to put him in it any more), he tore up coffee table books, got on counters, shredded the newspaper, swallowed a bottle of fish oil pills, and on and on. I even had two different trainers come work with us. Each time we'd leave, it would literally take us approximately 15 minutes to prep the house before we could leave. We'd put plastic sheeting with nubs up on all of the counters, make sure all magazines and books were away, doors closed, medicine off the counters, etc. It was CRAZY!! 

I'm reordering and also ordering some for our son's Bull Dog who is VERY hyper. He's seen the change in our dog and is hoping it chills his dog too. I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know I'm a believer in your product!!

Do you have any business cards you could send me. I've raved about your product to our vet and he knew the exact details of all of the problems we were having with our new rescue, since many included his assistance. He said he'd be happy to put your cards on his counter as he can see the wonderful, unbelievable changes in Max.



I was able to get the Collar Companion with De-Bugged on RJ's fly mask at the top band behind the ear. It has stayed on since Sunday. I have noticed fewer flys on him than on the other horses. If this continues I will be ordering a few more.



So I took Tonka to the vet today after associating her positively with her Collar Companion for the past few days (she HATES the vet). Not only was she calm the whole time, she was even relaxed enough to do a couple of tricks. In front of another dog too! Pretty neat!!



I just had to write right away to tell you that Calvin is just responding astoundingly well to his Collar Companion! Thank you so very much for helping him through his grief. I am going to get my dose on my pillow tonight and will look forward to picking up my own pendant tomorrow. Just amazing amazing amazing and I thank you so much.



You have such great products, and my dog Harley (see attached picture) seems to be calmer with his collar companion. I used it right away, as my neighbor upstairs was moving and making all types of "scary" noises. Harley is a rescue and definitely can be more fearful. I completely support the use of aromatherapy products, and I'm so pleased to see you doing well with your invention and small business. Yay!



I wanted to thank you for your patience and willingness to work with me on Abbra's "bling", as we call it. The oil has done wonders for her. When we got her she had been a guard dog for

plumbing company. She stayed at the warehouse and in the yard all the time. She never went home with anyone. She was 3, skinny, neurotic and had terrible separation anxiety. After 2+ years of having a loving family she did gain weight but still suffered from separation anxiety. Since she has been using Let's Chill she is more relaxed and happy. She plays now and wags her tail. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate both the oil and the "bling" as she is most proud of her jewelry.



Got the Tagua necklace, love it, getting compliments on it left and right, both how it looks and what a great scent it is. 

Yesterday at an open house: “Wow, it smells wonderful in here!” Pretty sure that was me, LOL.! 



The Collar Companion with Let's Chill is working great to calm Lucy in her crate. (Hey, that rhymes!.) Hope to be done with crate soon.



We love the Collar Companion and it seems to be working so nicely!! It is so much better than putting oils directly on his collar. I have recommended this to several of my friends and they are intrigued! Thanks again!



Socks was accosted by a skunk last week in our yard. The Daisy paw badge on his collar actually repelled the skunks spray and his scent. Chock up another one for Daisy Paw products. Socks also says Hi and thank you.



We just started using “Keep on Truckin” in Keesha’s Collar Companion this morning and by this afternoon she jumped up into my husbands F250 pick up truck. It is very high and she has hip degeneration. Usually we have to lift her up but today she jumped right in. I think she is really responding good to this stuff. Oh, and even our 13 year old cat will go to her Cat Companion with “Keep on Truckin” in it and take some whiffs. Good stuff!!!



I can't tell you how much my dog (Tonka - brindle boxer) and I love our new nut collar companion and the Let's Chill scent. Amazing. We met you at the Green Streets festival and were so impressed with the time you took to explain your product(s). Given all of the pet products out there I was a tad skeptical but this is the real deal - Love your sustainability and organized efforts - love your quality - love your Collar Companion 

Thank you, Amanda and Tonka



OMG! I want the people version of "Let's Chill"!!

Tonight is the first night I put the drops in the diffuser and Remy laid on the floor with me petting her while my husband walked into the house with Mocha. She raised her head but didn't move - previously she would have jumped over me or through me to get to them! And the times when I've brought out the bottle and let her sniff it she has licked her lips and visibly relaxed. It is an amazing product!!! I have to get out my calming signals book and see what other signals she is exhibiting.



Wanted you to know that my Miniature American Eskimo who is almost 15 continues to be showing signs of experiencing benefits from her aromatherapy!! Her appetite continues to do great and she is getting around as good as to be expected at age 15, THANK YOU!!



Thanks for the great personal service Wendy. Hutch is already noticeably calmer. I'm going to let the folks on the Affenpinscher Yahoo group know about Daisy Paw.



Put the Collar Companion w/ "Let's Chill" on my parents Lab today. My mom is totally psyched and wants to talk to you about the product, she thinks it's so cool!



Hi Wendy,

A great big thanks for meeting with Nina (Black Pom) yesterday. I love her new little white and tan collar companion. I'll keep you posted on Nina's Lavish Lavender results. 

I'm looking forward to your new lineup of jewelry.



Archie was just freaking out with the lightening and thunder so I loaded up his collar companion with Let's Chill and--BAM! Cool as a cucumber. I love this!



Let Chill rocks our world!!! The dogs are sleeping all through the night!!



Coco is doing fine, totally recovered from what ever bothered him that night, and thanks to you he is now very calm and happy .....and so am I....:)!



Thanks so much...frankie (my dog) is loving them... she came right up to me when I got home and sniffed them out. She loves both scents I got (cool and lavender) - she even slept with the lavender on.



Just want you to know that I got these for my two cockers yesterday and my daughter in law got them for her dog Harley. OMG what a 180 turn around !!!! In just one day.

I love this stuff let's chill.......

Thank you so much!!