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"We take pride in the fact that ALL our products are designed, blended, bottled, and handcrafted at our facility in the USA."

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Why, You Ask?

The Collar Companion® is easy to use. It was created to help your furry friend with everything from relaxation to increased energy.

Organic Essential Oils

As simple and effective as the headline.

For People too!

Not only are they effective for your best friend but also for you.

Our Collar Companions can help therapy dogs and patients relax...let us help you relax too!

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Daisy, our shepard mix, was my inspiration to start this company.

I have used essential oils on my pets for many years, but after Daisy was diagnosed with discoid lupus (a chronic inflammatory condition effecting the skin) I knew I needed to create something that would allow her to continue enjoying the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy without the worry of any side effects that could accompany having contact with her delicate skin. I invented the patented Collar Companion® to safely and easily use essential oils on pets and people.

The Collar Companion® is a new and innovative way to provide aromatherapy for pets and people. Unlike other methods used to administer aromatherapy which can be messy, lingering, and ineffective, the design of the Collar Companion® allows you to safely and easily put drops of our organic Daisy’s Blends™essential oils into it without any mess. By placing the essential oils in the Collar Companion® and not on your skin or their fur, you can quickly change to a Collar Companion® with a different Daisy’s Blends to suit your needs without the previous scent lingering. Collar Companions come unscented, by bottling our Daisy’s Blends™ essential oils separately the Collar Companion® will be very effective when you start using them for aromatherapy. This concept also allows you to re-energize the Collar Companion® with 1 to 2 drops of Daisy’s Blends™ essential oil when needed. You use very little of the essential oil blends with each application, so a bottle can last quite a while.

A Collar Companion® comes in many different designs, which allows you to change the look of you dog’s collar, harness, or leash in seconds. For people we offer bracelets and necklaces. With their fashion-forward design, you will look as good as you feel.

Our Daisy’s Blends™ essential oils were created with your dog’s highly sensitive nose in mind. The essential oils we use to blend each bottle of our Daisy’s Blends are high quality, therapeutic, organic, and pure with no fragrance or fillers added. You can feel confident in their quality for both you and your pet(s).

We take pride in the fact that ALL our products are designed, blended, bottled, and handcrafted at our facility in the USA.

Helping animals and people without the worry of hurting is our philosophy. That is why we sure love what we do.