We craft aromatherapy solutions to safely and easily use with pets & people.

A Collar Companion® is a wearable scent diffuser that attaches to any collar, harness, leash or worn as jewelry. Enjoy all the benefits of aromatherapy by simply adding a drop of essential oils to the center of a Collar Companion®.

Our unique blend of essential oils are made with only organically grown therapeutic grade essential oils. No fragrance or fillers are ever added.

We offer everything from soothing blends to blends designed to deter mosquitos and ticks.

Tail Waggin' Testimonials

I am so glad I found your website! The De-bugged has worked for both Harlow (my great dane) and I. I am ordering these new ones for my Mom and sisters dogs!!! Can’t wait to give them to seems to work so far and the aroma is awesome. I have never worn perfume but I cant get enough of these aromas!! Thanks again for your great work and I am so glad I found you guys!!! 🙂


- Suzanne

Thank you, the Let's Chill... helps my dog (8 yr old pitbull) with thunderstorms. I love it!!


I was able to get the Collar Companion with De-Bugged on RJ's fly mask at the top band behind the ear. It has stayed on since Sunday. I have noticed fewer flys on him than on the other horses. If this continues I will be ordering a few more.


I just had to write right away to tell you that Calvin is just responding astoundingly well to his Collar Companion! Thank you so very much for helping him through his grief. I am going to get my dose on my pillow tonight and will look forward to picking up my own pendant tomorrow. Just amazing amazing amazing and I thank you so much.