What is a Collar Companion®?

A new and innovative unscented aromatherapy scent diffuser that wraps and snaps around a dog's current collar, harness, or leash. With a Collar Companion® changing the look and the scent to suit your dogs needs is literally a snap, just by changing the Collar Companion®! We also have Companions for cats, as well as, necklaces and bracelets for people.


Can I leave the Collar Companion® on my dog(s)?

Yes, Collar Companions fit very secure to your dog's collar, harness, or leash. However, if they are around other dogs that will not leave the Collar Companion® alone it is best to remove the Collar Companion® when they are unattended.


Can I put more then one Collar Companion® on my dog’s collar, harness, or leash? 

Yes, you can put as many as you want on their collar, harness, or leash to give it a stylish touch. However, if you use multiple Collar Companion® make sure to keep the same Daisy's Blend in the same Collar Companion® at all times. Dog’s noses are highly sensitive and mixing essential oil blends will create a whole new synergy then what the blend was intended for .

What is a Cat Companion™?

A Cat Companion™ is a Collar Companion®without the elastic strap. You place them in your home for cats to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. A cat process essential oils differently then dogs and they need the ability to move away from the aromatherapy. Only use a Cat Companion™ for use with cats.


Can I use Daisy’s Blends™ essential oils with my cat(s)? 

Yes, the only exception is De-Bugged. 


How do I use the Cat Companion™? 

After adding one drop of the Daisy’s Blends essential oils to the Cat Companion™ , introduce it to your cat(s) in a area of your home they enjoy while talking to them in a calm, soothing, and happy tone through the entire process.

Once introduced and the cat(s) have accepted the essential oils; place it in a location they can get to while showing them where you placed it. Avoid placing it by a litter box or by their food/ water bowl.

Only you know your cat(s) best so if they like to chew on the Cat CompanionTM do not leave them unattended with it at any time.


Will your products treat my pet’s medical condition? 

We sure wish, but the answer is no. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or disease. If you have any questions about you or your pet’s heath you should contact your medical care provider or Veterinarian. 


Is it OK to use essential oils on my bird(s) or place the Collar Companion® on my bird’s cage? 

No, birds have a very sensitive respiratory system which makes it hard for them to tolerate essential oils, scented candles, perfumes, air fresheners, etc... Collar Companions are not intended for use with birds.


Are you sure the Daisy’s Blends™ Essential Oil will work if I don’t put it on my dog’s fur, pads of their feet, place it in their ears, or give it to them internally?

The great thing about a Collar Companion® is that your dog(s) can enjoy all the benefits of inhaling aromatherapy without any of the risks associated with placing it on them or given internally.


I think my pet is sensitive to the essential oils? 

There is a very low risk of sensitivity since our essential oils do not come in contact with your pet or is taken internally. However, as with anything in the environment that your pet inhales; if you think they are becoming sensitive, discontinue use immediately.


Can I use ALL of the Daisy’s Blends™ essential oils that I purchased in the same Collar Companion®? 

Not recommended...in order to keep the “true” scent & blend of each Daisy’s Blends essential oils you should only use one of the four blends in each Collar Companion®. 


When attaching the Collar Companion® to a kennel, crate, or baby gate, why do I need it facing outside of the kennel, crate, or room that is secured with a baby gate?

If the Collar Companion® faces outward your dog is less likely to be able to pull it off. Reminder; if your dog chews or will not leave the Collar Companion®alone, do not leave them unattended with it.


I already have essential oils that I use, can I use them in the Collar Companion® instead of your Daisy’s Blends™ essential oils?

You can, but some essential oils may be thicker in consistency then ours. We created Daisy’s Blends essential oils specifically for use in the Collar Companion® and with a dog’s nose in mind. We have done extensive testing and know that our 100% organic essential oils work very well with the Collar Companion®. Therefore, we can only guarantee our essential oils with use in the Collar Companion®.


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